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Since 1994 LOKEL has been a respected manufacturer and supplier of its own solutions in the field of railway vehicle control systems. We focus on the development, production, design, implementation, consulting and servicing of modular superordinate control systems and other electronic devices.

In a modern rail vehicle there are many intelligent systems which are equipped with their own control system or control unit. However, these systems do not work in isolation, but rather work in conjunction with the superordinate control system, known around the world as TCMS (Train Control & Management System). The TCMS ensures the proper operation of all the subsystems at the level of the vehicle as a whole and at the level of the entire train set. It is therefore rightly referred to as the “brain” of the entire railway set. Individual TCMS components made by LOKEL enable railway vehicles to utilise communication, visualisation, and diagnostic functions. A standard feature of the system allows the collection of all required data about individual subsystems deployed.

The basic principle of our work is offering well-managed projects and excellent knowledge of the processes occurring in railway vehicle control systems. Each customer’s needs are individually and carefully analysed. Subsequently, we will select such procedures and activities to ensure full customer satisfaction. In our work we utilise the rich experience of our experts and know-how proven in international environments. Approximately 1,000 railway vehicles in Europe and Asia utilise our control systems. We have a very experienced team who are able to offer development, production, deployment, and subsequent support.


We develop and manufacture railway vehicle control systems. We also create complex projects, deliver comprehensive solutions and provide related services.


Our products and solutions represent our own solutions, which are based on years of experience and knowledge gained from many projects implemented in Europe and Asia.


We offer robust, modular and flexible solutions, which can be configured based on customer needs and specifications.


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