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INTELO+ RailPack

INTELO+ RailPack

Complete TCMS solution for diesel passenger units

INTELO+ RailPack is our own complete modular solution of superordinate control (Train Control & Management System - TCMS) for Diesel Multiple Units (DMU). We have developed this system to be able not only to offer our clients all the necessary HW components but also a complete and functional TCMS solution including control, communication, visualisation, and diagnostics software based on our extensive experience and knowledge gained from the successful implementation of many projects.

The INTELO+ RailPack controls all the technologies that are installed in diesel railway passenger vehicles. For example, adaptive engine power control, power pack control, brake systems, wheel slide protection and multi-member control as well as all the other subsystems such as automatic couplings, doors, stairs, train lighting, fire protection systems, heating and air conditioning, ISC – passenger information system, CCTV camera system, train protection systems, registrars, toilets, etc. The system has a decentralised structure with distributed input and output units.

The INTELO+ RailPack is a very robust and modular solution which can be configured based on customer needs and specifications. The INTELO+ RailPack also contains modules that administer the communication networks, remote diagnostics (IRDS) modules, and our own HMI operator DPC-XX panels that visualise the management and diagnostics processes that are used there as well.  An important feature of this solution is the possibility of the redundant deployment of individual components. Both source and function modules can work in a redundant mode and in the event of failure to one module, the redundant module automatically takes over.

The features and reliability of the TCMS INTELO+ RailPack and its components but, above all, the entire SW solution have been proven through their implementation in many different vehicles. The INTELO+ RailPack is a robust superordinate control system with great heat resistance which is predestined for use in extreme operating and climatic conditions of the railway industry.

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